We’ve put together a series of helpful video tutorials to get you started with AQUAREMOTE Pump Management Solutions. View them individually below, or jump over to our YouTube playlist:

Aquaremote Tutorial 1 

Login & Navigation

  • Login process for PC and Mobile application
  • General overview and basic Navigation
  • Pin Description
  • Selection Of Devices from list

Aquaremote Tutorial 2

Manual Control

  • Manual Control Screens
  • Run timers
  • Primer timers
  • Manual Auto Functionality

Aquaremote Tutorial 3

Set Speed & Setpoint Control

Relationship between and functions of:

  • Setpoint Control
  • Set speed control using VFD

Aquaremote Tutorial 4

Schedule Control

  • Schedule Control System

Coming soon

Aquaremote Tutorial 5

Protection Screens

  • Pressure Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Flow Protection
  • Current Protection

Aquaremote Tutorial 6

Charts and Alarms

  • Live Charts
  • Alert Screens
  • Historical Charts